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Goodman and Gilman Manual of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

007176917X-jan2014Goodman and Gilman Manual of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Authors: Randa Hilal-Dandan, Laurence Brunton
ISBN: 9780071769174
©2014 | 2nd Edition | 1216 pages | Paperback
Pub Date:  DEC-13
Price: US$ 60.00

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A full-color manual derived from Goodman & Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics

Goodman & Gilman’s The Manual of Pharmacology and Therapeutics offers concise, authoritative coverage of class-specific and disease-specific drugs, organized primarily by organ/system. Derived from Goodman & Gilman’s Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, Twelfth Edition and further updated, this streamlined text focuses on the principles of medical pharmacology and drug therapy and delivers coverage of all major drug classes.

More than a pocket drug guide, this powerful resource covers:

  • General Principles
  • Neuropharmacology
  • Modulation of Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, and Renal Function
  • Inflammation, Immunomodulation, and Hematopoiesis
  • Hormones and Hormone Antagonists
  • Drugs Affecting Gastrointestinal Function
  • Chemotherapy of Microbial Diseases
  • Chemotherapy of Neoplastic Diseases
  • Special Systems Pharmacology, including Environmental Toxicology

The text explains the physiology and pathophysiology of major organ systems and pathogens with respect to pharmacotherapy and the mechanisms of drug action. With a new full color design and numerous tables, charts, and illustrations that highlight, explain, and summarize important information, Goodman & Gilman’s Manual of Pharmacology and Therapeutics is essential wherever knowledge of drug actions and interactions is required. Nursing, pharmacy, and medical students will find the Manual to be a concise and authoritative textbook.

Harrisons Manual of Oncology 2/E

0071793259-nov2013Harrisons Manual of Oncology 2/E

Authors: Bruce Chabner, Thomas Lynch, Jr., Dan Longo
ISBN: 9780071793254
©2014 | 2nd Edition | 608 pages | Paperback
Pub Date: NOV-13
Price: US$ 79.00

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The full spectrum of oncology medications – backed by the authority of Harrison’s

Harrison’s Manual of Oncology is a carry-anywhere guide to the care of patients with cancer. Enhanced by the latest published results, this valuable clinical companion features numerous tables and succinct, outline-style text that puts important information at your fingertips. You will find content that goes beyond the treatment of primary or metastatic disease to encompass the treatment of all therapeutic complications.

The opening sections of Harrison’s Manual of Oncology are devoted to the classes of agents used to treat cancer and reviews their pharmacology and mechanisms of action. This section is followed by a detailed discussion of the diagnosis, staging, and treatment of all major types of cancer. There is a strong focus on symptom management and complications of treatment, including pain, nausea and vomiting, anemia, febrile neutropenia, metabolic emergencies, thrombosis, psychological issues, and end-of-life care.

Rudolphs Pediatrics Self-Assessment and Board Review

0071781099-nov2013Rudolphs Pediatrics Self-Assessment and Board Review

Author: Michael Cabana
ISBN: 9780071781091
©2014 | 1st Edition | 352 pages | Paperback
Pub Date: NOV-13
Price: US$ 79.00

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Add the authority of Rudolph’s Pediatrics to your Pediatric Board Examination review!

Rudolph’s Pediatrics Self-Assessment and Board Review is a fast, efficient, and engaging way for you to incorporate the contents of Rudolph’s Pediatrics into your board preparation. This powerful study guide delivers more than 1,500 questions that focus on epidemiology, pathophysiology, presenting symptoms, clinical decision making, therapeutics, and prognosis of different pediatric disorders. Concise answer explanations illustrate key points and include references to pertinent sections in Rudolph’s Pediatrics for more in-depth coverage of the topic. You’ll find everything you need in one comprehensive review: questions, referenced answers, full-color illustrations, and the expertise of the field’s leading text.


  • More than 1,500 multiple-choice questions with fully explained answers referenced to Rudolph’s Pediatrics, Twenty-Second Edition
  • An emphasis on important clinical issues
  • An organization that simulates Rudolph’s Pediatrics to facilitate side-by-side study
  • Numerous full-color images to test your visual diagnostic skills
  • Designed to help you quickly assess your knowledge and remediate areas of weakness
  • Valuable for certification/recertification or as a clinical refresher

Table of Contents

The TOC follows the Rudolph’s Pediatrics sections in order, with varying numbers of questions depending on topic importance to the board exam.

1. Fundamentals of Pediatrics
2. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
3. Nutrition
4. Abuse, Neglect, and Violence
5. Newborn
6. Principles of Adolescent Care
7. Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
8. The Acutely Ill Infant and Child
9. The Chronically Ill Infant and Child
10. Transplantation
11. Inherited Disorders of Metabolism
12. Clinical Genetics and Dysmorphology
13. Immunologic Disorders
14. Allergic Disorders
15. Rheumatology
16. The Musculoskeletal System
17. Infectious Disease
18. Disorders of the Skin
19. Disorders of the Ear, Nose, and Throat
20. Disorders of the Oral Cavity
21. Disorders of the Gastrointestinal Tract
22. Disorders of the Liver and Biliary Tract
23. Disorders of the Blood
24. Neoplastic Disorders
25. Disorders of the Kidney and Urinary Tract
26. Disorders of the Cardiovascular System
27. Disorders of the Respiratory System
28. Disorders of the Endocrine System
29. Disorders of the Nervous System
30. Disorders of the Eyes

Current Diagnosis and Treatment Cardiology

0071801278-oct2013Current Diagnosis and Treatment Cardiology

Author: Michael Crawford
ISBN: 9780071801270
©2014 | 4th Edition | 608 pages | Paperback
Pub Date: OCT-13
Price: US$ 80.00

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Concise, clinically focused coverage of the major disease entities and therapeutic challenges in cardiology

  • Covers all the important management issues in cardiology
  • Includes special topics such as pregnancy and heart disease, the use of anticoagulants in heart disease, and the perioperative evaluation of heart disease patients
  • Each chapter written by experts in the field
  • Logically organized into six sections:
    Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, Ischemic Heart Disease, Arrhythmias, Valvular Disease, Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure, and Systemic Diseases and the Heart
  • Consistent chapter presentation includes Essentials of Diagnosis, Clinical Findings, Diagnostic Studies, Treatment, Prevention, and Prognosis
  • More than 235 illustrations, including ECGs, imaging studies, drawings, graphs and charts
  • NEW CHAPTER on Antiplatelet Therapy 
  • Emphasis on must-know information makes it perfect for board review


Table of Contents

  • Section 1. Prevention
    Lipid Disorders, Anticoagulation, Antiplatelet Therapy, Early Diagnosis
  • Section 2. Coronary Heart Disease
    Acute Myocardial Infarction, Cardiogenic Shock
  • Section 3. Arrhythmias
  • Section 4. Vavular Heart Disease
  • Section 5. Heart Failure
  • Section 6. Heart in Systemic Diseases
    Cardiac Tumors, Cardio Disease in Pregnancy, The Athlete’s Heart

Infectious Diseases A Clinical Short Course 3/E

0071789251-sep2013Infectious Diseases A Clinical Short Course 3/E

Author: Frederick Southwick
ISBN: 9780071789257
©2014 | 3rd Edition | 480 pages | Paperback
Pub Date: SEP-13
Price: US$ 70.00

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A concise, thorough review of microorganisms and the diseases they cause

Infectious Diseases: A Clinical Short COURSE is a concise overview of this important field designed to help the busy physician, medical student, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant to understand, diagnose, and treat common infectious diseases. This unique self-instruction book is organized by system/region as opposed to pathogens—simulating how common pathogens and disorders would be encountered in rounds or in practice.

By indicating the number of days that should be allotted to the study of each chapter, the author has created a schedule for completion of each lesson. A wide array of tables that summarize the methods of clinical assessment, anti-infective agent doses, and drug toxicities–facts that do not require memorization, but do need to be referred to when caring for patients–facilitate this condensed learning schedule. There is no better resource for learning to associate pathogens with the corresponding impact on patients than Infectious Diseases.


  • Key Points summarize the most important facts when managing each infection and facilitate board review
  • Guiding Questions begin each chapter
  • An estimate of the potential severity of each disease gives you a sense of how quickly you should initiate treatment
  • Numerous case examples highlight real-world clinical application of the content
  • Dozens of color plates depict major pathogens
  • All chapters have been updated to reflect the most current treatment and diagnostic guidelines from the Infectious Diseases Society of America
  • NEW! Antibiograms for each major antibiotic class provide a visual depiction of the spectrum of each individual antibiotic; a table listing the most commonly used outpatient antibiotics and their dosing; and much more

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2014

0071806334-aug2013CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2014

Authors: Maxine Papadakis, Stephen J. McPhee, Michael W. Rabow
ISBN: 9780071806336
©2014 | 53rd Edition | 1840 pages | Paperback
Pub Date: AUG-13
Price: US$ 79.00

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Turn the latest research into improved patient outcomes with the #1 annual guide to internal medicine and clinical practice

Written by clinicians renowned in their respective fields, CMDT offers the most current insight into symptoms, signs, epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment for more than 1,000 diseases and disorders. You’ll find concise, evidence-based answers to questions about hospital and ambulatory problems. This streamlined clinical companion is the fastest and easiest way to keep abreast of the latest diagnostic advances, prevention strategies, and cost-effective treatments.


  • Update on the evaluation of chest pain
  • New algorithms for the treatment of heart failure and NSTEMI
  • New sections on pulmonary hypertension; treatment of pleural mesothelioma; diagnosis and treatment of subacute, postpartum, and silent thyroiditis and amiodarone- and iodine-induced thyrotoxicosis; and treatment of cryoglobulinemic vasculitis
  • New tables on preferred initial antiretroviral regimen and fixed dose antiretroviral combinations for HIV infection, and on medications for management of diabetes
  • Updated tables on cancer chemotherapeutic and supportive care agents

Table of Contents

  • Disease Prevention & Health Promotion
  • Common Symptoms
  • Preoperative Evaluation & Perioperative Management
  • Geriatric Disorders
  • Palliative Care & Pain Management
  • Dermatologic Disorders
  • Disorders of the Eyes & Lids
  • Ear, Nose, & Throat Disorders
  • Pulmonary Disorders
  • Heart Disease
  • Systemic Hypertension
  • Blood Vessel & Lymphatic Disorders
  • Blood Disorders
  • Disorders of Hemostasis, Thrombosis, & Antithrombotic Therapy
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Liver, Biliary Tract, & Pancreas Disorders
  • Breast Disorders
  • Gynecologic Disorders
  • Obstetrics & Obstetric Disorders
  • Musculoskeletal & Immunologic Disorders
  • Electrolyte & Acid-Base Disorders
  • Kidney Disease
  • Urologic Disorders
  • Nervous System Disorders
    And Many More…

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Study Guide

007179977X-aug2013CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Study Guide

Author: Gene Quinn, Nathaniel Gleason, Maxine Papadakis, Stephen J. McPhee
ISBN: 9780071799775 
©2014 | 1st Edition | 560 pages | Paperback
Pub Date: AUG-13
Price: US$ 55.00

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Case-based coverage of 80 must-know diseases and disorders

Derived from CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment, the world’s most popular annual medical book, this unique study guide delivers case analysis of 80 of the most common topics in internal medicine. It provides a comprehensive and well organized synopsis of each topic, making it an essential study partner for a variety of examinations, including the USMLE Step 2, medicine clerkship shelf exams, ABIM internal medicine boards and recertification exams, adult and family nurse practitioner certification examination, and physician assistant national certifying exam. For practitioners, this quick reference covers patient care for 80 of the clinical problems they are most likely to encounter in daily practice.

Each topic covered in CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment Study Guide is presented in a consistent, easy-to-read, in-depth manner that emphasizes problem solving. The topics were carefully selected based on their importance to the field of internal medicine and are designed to enhance your ability to think through a typical case in a logical, step-by-step fashion.

Each topic includes a typical patient presentation and:

  • Learning Objectives
  • Salient Features
  • Symptoms and Signs
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Laboratory, Radiology, and Procedural Findings
  • Treatment
  • Outcomes
  • When to Refer and When to Admit
  • PubMed references to the most current and pertinent MEDLINE articles

There is no easier or faster way to sharpen your understanding of key concepts in clinical reasoning and problem solving, and to brush up on essential clinical facts than this one-of-a-kind case-based review.

Table of Contents

Altered mental status, Anemia, Back pain, Chest pain, Cough, Dyspnea, Fever, Fluid, electrolytes and acid-base, Gastrointestinal, Knee Pain, Upper respiratory complaints, Acute myocardial infarction, Common cancers, COPD/obstructive airway disease, Diabetes mellitus, Dyslipidemia, Heart failure, HIV, Hypertension, Liver disease, Nosocomial infections, Obesity, Pneumonia, Rheumatologic problems, Smoking cessation, substance abuse, Venous thromboemolism, and many more.

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